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Our dev team is working on a few last minute items for the patch and we have delayed our normal patch day by one day. Also the remaining items from Patch #28 that were reverted will be reapplied at this time. The previous crash bugs should now be corrected.

Plan accordingly, and most of all, HAVE FUN! :)

Down time for the patch will be from Wed. 10:00CET to 16:00CET


-The Genesis Team

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Genesis Vision and Mission Statement

To provide an enjoyable Dark Age of Camelot experience with a Classic feel that both new and veteran players can enjoy spending their time with.

The Staff here at Genesis are committed to providing a fun and enjoyable gaming experience for all styles of game-play with a heavy focus towards Realm vs Realm (RvR) endgame activities. Our goal is to provide a balanced and bug-free experience that facilitates our vision and mission.

Patch Goals:
While in the past, Genesis formally aimed for recreating the 1.62 patch-level experience, it has become obvious that NO patch level in Dark Age history has ever truly been balanced. What we WILL do however, is do our very best to provide the same game environment true to the 1.62/1.65 era with Old Frontiers/Realm Abilities. We will further attempt to correct all Class and Realm Ability bugs found within the Dawn of Light (DoL) code and balance the endgame RvR experience with as few custom ‘tweaks’ as possible to ensure a fun, fair and balanced end-game experience for all players and classes.

We know our goals leave us with much work ahead, but with the help and support of YOU, our players, we can ultimately reach them.

The Genesis Team

and you are ALL winners! Thanks to the brave fighters who fought and died during our frontier Double RPs Events…

ALL Realms Won! And all players in all realms are winners!

The Prize: DF will be open to all three realms 24/7 for a WHOLE week!

From 24 April thru 30 April. (Yes, the staff needs some relaxation so no events for a few days.)

“It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.” Charles Dickens – A Tale of Two Cities: Opening lines.

Hi Folks, We’ve just completed our third month since the Live Launch. It’s been a very interesting month. We began the month with just under 14000 game accounts and by the end of the month we have a bit over 15,500. That’s not bad growth in the third month, of about 50 new game accounts per day. BUT… We’ve seen the number of online players decline a LOT this month. We’ve also added a web based Herald this month which was a MAJOR investment of our WebMasters’s time. It’s very nice, check it out. /salute Benji.

This player population decline is very worrying to the Staff (and players). DAoC is the type of game that requires lots ofpeople online to group with and to kill. We think there are three major issues causing this decline.
1. Some players aren’t having as much fun as they expected so they stop logging in.
2. Elder Scrolls Online launched this month.
3. It’s Springtime in the Northern hemisphere.

Most people DO cut down on their indoor activity (including playing MMOs) when the outside gets warmer. It happens to every MMO every year. Most of those players will return when it gets colder IF they think the game is worth returning to.

Elder Scrolls is a game that will appeal to lots of DAoC players, it has three realm combat etc. Matt F learned how tomake games at Mythic so it will draw a lot of former DAoC players. BUT, no game is right for everybody and the historical AVERAGE is for 70% of the players to leave after the 30 days of free time is up. So many of our players who left for ESO could be expected to return in the next couple of weeks. Once again IF they think the game is worth returning to. Winter WILL return in a few months. All three of these issues can be addressed by increasing the fun factor on our shard. So what do we do about that?

We had a VERY LONG (but productive) Staff meeting last night where the major discussion was on how to increase the player population by upping the fun factor. We’ll share the key points of our decisions here.

We have a three pronged program:

1. Invite new players to try us out. To ensure that the new player experience is fun we’re retuneing the starter zones. The Hibernia starter zones received a basic retune first because Hib needed the most luv. We’ll be doing the other two realms soon and then applying a deeper retune to all three. We’ve started some modest recruiting efforts on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc. Of course the new players, and we do see new arrivals every day, will soon graduate beyond the starter zones. Then they will be looking for increased fun in the main homeland zones, in the frontier zones, in DF and in SI.

2. Reinvite players who have stopped playing to give us another try. We’ve fixed many of the issues that caused players to become inactive. We sent out ~900 emails to inactive players last week. We need to evaluate the results, change our campaign as needed and reach out to a larger audience. We know that some players like to focus on PvE activities, some are more RvR focused and some like both aspects of the game.

What are some of the initiatives‎ we’re focusing on for the near and mid term future? Every decision we make has to pass thru a sieve… Will this change add to the fun factor or detract from the fun? We didn’t always look at things that way in the past. For example: No pure patch level is right for everyone. Patch 1.62 had some major drawbacks. Patch 1.65 isn’t perfect but it’s better than 1.62 so gradually, over time we’ll become more 1.65 like. However, we shall NOT be slavishly devoted to a patch lever, we will continue to customize when that will enhance the fun. Here’s an example of one of those custome changes; we’ve asked the devs to change the porter delay timer from 10 minutes to 5 minutes AND, for those who are always late or forget their necklaces, we’ll have a second port 30 seconds after the first. This is gonna keep those porters hopping up and down the stairs doing the Faranz Fandango! (this idea was first suggested to us during an in-game conversation with a player named Faranz).

Another example of a near term change is a cleanup of DF. DF appeals to both RvE and RvR so it’a a better return on the Team’s time invested than focusing on some thing that applies only to PvE (like SI) or mostly RvR (like BGs). So, next week, during the 24 hour x 7 day DF Open to all 3 realms… you should notive some interesting changes to DF… if you have time to notice ANYTHING in there other that the enemy realm players! We’ll also boost the XP in DF to match the bonus in the frontier zones. We will skip our Scheduled Maintenance window on Tuesday, 29 April to maximize the up time of the DF Event, (of course, there MIGHT be a need for an emergency fix at any time but we’ll get the server back into play ASAP).

Can you think of OTHER areas that have a nice mix of RvR and PvE? We can too! Stay tuned for the rework and reopening of the Frontier Dungeons. Of course we want to tune SI, the Epic Dungeons and the Epic Zones, but we can’t do everything at once, so DF and PoC have a higher priority.

We’ve started a series of polls to ask the players what’s most important to them. We think that can help our staff stay focused on PFE (Project Fun Enhancement). Of course we know that a few hundred forum posters won;t always reflect the needs of the total player base so we’ll continue to gather player concerns with other techniques. ALL of our staff play the game, and we play across all three realms. You might have one of us in your guild and never know it. Our player characters try to never blow their cover. We want to hear what you say and see what you do when you don’t think you’re being observed by staff. :)

I’m going to wrap this up here. I promised the staff to not give away ALL our sekrit plans. We want you to be aware of a refocus on FUN and player communication, both listing to your needs and providing you with direction.

Thanks for reading, thanks for playing. We do what we do for you!


Cody, Community Manager

Hi Folks,

We’ve made several mistakes over the past few months that have hurt the community. We are sincerely sorry. We have always tried to do what was best for the community, but results are more important than intentions.

Some of the major issues that we’ve caused:
1. The shard was launched with too many major bugs… We thought it was ready but it wasn’t. We’ve fixed the stability issues but still have more work to do about Ream balancing / class balancing.
2. i50 offered to three small guilds… In order to ‘quick fix’ RvR population imbalance we offered three small guilds the opportunity to migrate from Mid to Alb or Hib. This was a trial program that received so much bad reaction that we never turned it into a general offer. What actually happened was one guild moved to Alb, one moved to Hib and one, after guild debate decided to stay in Mid. Quick fixes are rarely a good idea and this one was terrible! We’re sorry for inflicting all this Anguish on the community.
3. Patch Level… We started with 1.62 because thought it was a pretty good patch. It isn’t. We’re sorry. We’ve added more 1.65 features into our system and we’ll continue.
4. XP gain… Very slow for solo or small man, quite fast for full groups and CRAZY fast for BGs. This has lead to some early players to get quite a head start on some other players. We’re sorry. We’re working on a major rewrite of our XP system.
5. Communication… Staff has not been active enough in communicating with the players on what we’re doing, or planning to do and why. We’re sorry and will become better.
6. Player bans… We’ve been inconsistent in who gets banned, both in-game and on the forums. We’re sorry. We’ve made some staff changes to minimize these inconsistencies and more are planned.

What we DON”T Apologize for:
1. Shutting down Uthgard. We neither asked them to shutdown or expected them to shutdown. It was their decision to take a break after so many years of hard work serving the DAoC free shard community.
2. Breathing new life in the DAoC free shard community. Hosting a shard with a feature set that was fun to play.


Genesis Staff

What: Double RPs for player kills AND Keep takes! (plus 50% extra XP) Chapter III

Where: Hibernia Frontier Zones (Emain Macha, Breifine, Mount Collory, and Cruachan Gorge)

When Does it Start: 5 AM PDT, 8 AM EDT, NOON GMT, 14:00 CEST, 9 PM Sydney on Saturday, 12 April

When Does it End: 5 AM PDT, 8 AM EDT, NOON GMT, 14:00 CEST, 9 PM Sydney on Monday, 14 April

Why these Start Times: This time we’ve selected a more Aisa / Pacific friendly start time. Please provide constructive feedback on what you like or don’t like about the start time. Share with us what time you think would be better for the community and say why. We CAN adjust the times. Also remember, this event lasts 48 hours… PLEASE don’t damage your health by trying to be online for ALL 48 HOURS! Take some time off for sleep and other real life needs. The Event will still be here when you can get back on.

What are you supposed to do with this Info: Please pass the word on to your friends and realm mates who don’t usually read the forums. Remind them how much fun we had the last two weekends.

Why THIS EVENT: We want to complete the Cycle of Events started two weekends ago.

The NEXT Event after this will NOT be in the Frontier! Three weekends of Zerg vs Door is… quite enough.
Let’s go play in the green rolling hills of Hibernia! We think we’re ready… Are you?

Your Genesis Staff

What: Double RPs for player kills AND Keep takes! (plus 50% extra XP) Chapter II

Where: Midgard Frontier Zones (Odin’s Gate, Jamptland Mtns, Yggdra Forest, and Uppland)

When Does it Start: 6 PM PDT, 7 PM MDT, 8 PM CDT, 9 PM EDT Friday 4 April, 01:00 GMT, 03:00 CEST Saturday, 5 April

When Does it End: 6 PM PDT, 7 PM MDT, 8 PM CDT, 9 PM EDT Sunday 6 April, 01:00 GMT, 03:00 CEST Monday, 7 April

Why these Start Times: This time we’ve selected a more North American friendly start time.  Also remember, this event lasts 48 hours… PLEASE don’t damage your health by trying to be online for ALL 48 HOURS! Take some time off for sleep and other real life needs. The Event will still be here when you can get back on.

What are you supposed to do with this Info: Please pass the word on to your friends and realm mates who don’t usually read the forums. Remind them how much fun we had last weekend.

Why THIS EVENT: We want to finish the Cycle of Events started last weekend.
Let’s go play in the snow! We think we’re ready… Are you?

Your Genesis Staff